These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things

I work really  hard to make your wedding day about you! You are the bride and this is about you and your family! I Am starting to realize that no one really knows about me. I don’t always share about me. I thought my blog would be a better place to share this! So if you are curious about who I am, here it is!

Hi there, I am a hair stylist with more than 19 years’ experience and I love working with brides to create beautiful, unique and long lasting wedding hairstyles on their special day! You may already have a regular hairdresser who you love, on your wedding day it’s really helpful to hire a hairstylist that specializes in weddings and special events.

You’ll probably be getting ready with your bridesmaids and family members and you want a calm, kind and professional hairstylist who brings her beauty goodies but most definitely doesn’t bring any drama and stress!

If you’re wearing your hair up, you’re looking for a stylist who has perfected styles that can withstand strong ocean breezes! If you’re getting married outside and need those curls that will last late into the evening. We’ll work together in advance of your wedding to figure out the perfect hair for you, your weather, your location, your dress at your hair design appointment (consider scheduling this before your engagement pictures!)

On the big day I’ll come to you on location (I will come anywhere) and if you’d like to chat, I’m happy to talk about the excitement of the day! If you’d would prefer to enjoy some quiet moments, I am happy to stay quiet and let you enjoy the moments of calm. I’ll work with all of your bridesmaids and diffuse any hair concerns and most importantly I’ll stick to the schedule so you’re ready on time. In fact, I will check in with your photographer and/or planner in advance to make sure everyone is ready when they need to be.

some fun facts about me:

I am a lover sitting by the lake in Maine, listening to my favorite sound.. the Loon! If you have never heard a loon Cry, you should. I think it is the quintessential Maine sound!

The lake brings me peace and calmness.. I did grow up and still do vacation at the lake with my family every summer.

Equally I love to take my children to the beach, play in the sand, and riding the waves. My favorite place on the Maine coast would be Ogunquit’s Marginal way. This is a walk like no other! The sounds, the sights the smells!

I love to walk, it is my go to form of exercise and I love to think and create while I walk!

I love 90’s music but honestly I love most music! Music is an important part of my life! My guilty pleasure is attending concerts with my husband and friends!

I love shoes, I love Jack Rogers for their vibe, I love toms not only for comfort but because they are a great company helping others. I am currently fighting my boot obsessions, fry boots, oh I wish I had one of each ( I currently have only 2)!

I like good jeans, jeans that make you feel good, for me those are Hudson’s!

I like coffee, to be honest, Starbucks if I have a choice, but Dunkin’s will do! I like fancy coffee and I like regular old coffee too! I just love it! I have decided I like to get up early in the morning just to drink my coffee. There is something about my morning routine, warmth and comfort that I love!

I love to bake, I think my favorite would be cookies! I have family recipes that I attempt but mom usually makes them so much better than I! I have a sign in my kitchen that says “Life if short…eat cookies” true- we only live once!

I am passionate about education at all levels, great core values and continuing education! I did attend the University of New Hampshire for their Business Management program! Class of 1999!


Wine, my go to adult beverage would be WINE!! I think my go to is white, the dryer the better but I do love red too! Spanish reds would be my favorite! I have a thing about glasses, that makes my experience!

Friends, I have a core of great friends that I love and cherish and would do anything for! I know they would do the same for me! As life changes, so do friends and I have found that it is how it is supposed to be!


Family, I love my family! I would say that family to me is really all you have when times get tough! I lost my amazing brother at 37 this year to tongue cancer! There is something about a loss that makes you really look around you. If you have survived a loss, you know what I mean. However, this has helped me realize who I am and how I want to live my life.


I am honored to be able to help others around me. Not just every day in my job, making people feel pretty, but other people in my professions. I Work with some amazing people. I believe in community over competition! Helping others is what I do!

My most cherished opportunity is volunteering for the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better Program. I help teach women that are in Cancer treatment take care of their skin, nails and scalp and teach them about applying makeup. Helping them feel beautiful during one of most difficult times in their lives. I also help these women find a wig that they can have if and when they experience hair loss. This is a program that touches so many women in this country and is very near and dear to my heart!

I have recently been involved with helping 70 children, every week, in my school district that are food insecure eat on the weekends. It is very eye opening and I am honored to help!

So, here it is, some of my favorite things! I am sure I am leaving something out! I hope this fulfills your interest about me and who I really am!


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Lena Hartford
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