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When to hire your wedding vendors- great topic! Kind of fun Wedding Wire sent me this little tid bit of info. After some pleading, they changed this to read the correct information. If you are hiring on onsite wedding hair or makeup specialist for your wedding. NOTE: hire them as soon as possible- 16-12 months before the event. This will allow you to get vendors that you want. If you wait- they will be booked.I am always getting emails from people that really just dont know they should have contacted

Being a brides maid in a wedding can be a big job. I often see bridal aprties that have the whole wedding day thing down to a science. Then I see the parties that really have no clue and stress the bride out with 1000 questions. I only notice this becuase the bride is then stressed out and it creates our time schedule to get pushed back. While the bride puts out fires and answers her phone about how to find the hotel, or which tie to wear ect! I

Marie and her groom, HUGE New England Patriot fans and lovers of their family lake house on New found Lake, decided to have a NH destination wedding. Marie and  her bridal party were such a fun group of ladies and my largest bridal party of the season of 12 ladies. I knew having Marie done for her photos on time was very important for her so I brought my friend Jenn along with me to help. Bethany and Dan and Frame and anchor arrived to capture these ladies.check out their

I traveled out to Nantucket Island on Labor day weekend for Emily and her wonderful friends and family as she shares a love for this island as she summered there as a child. Her wedding was everything she had hoped for. Surrounded by the people that love her the most. Some of her family even came from Italy to be with her.She wanted her hair to feel natural and undone for her first look and the ceremony dress. Her intentions and request were for her to be able to take

Hair that moves loves traveling all over New England and beyond for weddings and events. The problem is that there are only so many weekends in the wedding season here. I can only be in one place at  a time and have not figured out how to clone my self. The closest I have gotten is formed a team of trusted, very skilled hair designers and makeup artist together to recommend to those brides that I can not help.Sometimes, you get to work with a team of us to help

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