Not Sure Where to Get Your Hair Accessories For Your Big Day?

This seems to be such a common problem when I meet with brides. They have purchased there perfect wedding gown, but they just don’t know where to buy a hair accessory. After 3 brides in the same weekend told me they were having the same problem, I realized I should do some digging and write about it.

I see lots of hair accessories of all shapes and level of sparkle and hear stories about where people find them, but I am not sure they are ever from the same place. Some brides have luck finding hair pieces at the bridal shop and others either don’t like what they have to chose from or feel that they are just over priced.

So where do brides purchase their accessories? What are you looking for? Hair pins, something with some sparkle? A hair comb that is a little larger? A hair vine that is wire with some sparkles on it and is flexible to be warn several different ways. Lots to think of, I hope this helps!

I have some digging and this is what I found.

The bridal shops that I have some relationships with ( there are so many amazing shops), Flair in Boston, Madeline’s Daughter in Portsmouth NH and Blush Bridal  in Portland Maine, all have pieces that they love and sell to their brides.

I have worked with some pieces on photo shoots from Jannie Baltzer (the piece at the very top) and Emma Katzka Bridal ( show in these two photos) and some pieces from Twings and Honey from BHDLN. These pieces are really just gorgeous.

After doing some web searches and scouring Pinterest, I found several post about Hair Comes the Bride and Nordstrom and of Course something custom from Etsy.  I just say order early from Etsy as I hear that can be slow as some of them are hand made and small businesses. Leaving enough time to find something else if there is a snafu.

I have also worked with family broaches or pins that are meaningful and we use them as a hair piece. I have used lace from the brides moms veil to incorporate something old and adornments taken off of the brides hemmed dress. So I have used almost everything.

I do warn anything that is heavy, or with a large plastic comb can be tricky to put into an intricate hair style and needs to be supported by a secure, structured hair style. Take that into considerations before repurchasing. I prefer small metal combs! They work the best.


Some ladies really love a simple fresh flowers and or greenery for their look. Often times brides think they need to have a piece made for them. I prefer not to have anything made, as it is normally very heavy. I prefer fresh flowers that I can stick into the hair in a way that works with the shape and movement of the hair style. Not all stylist would do that, but it is what I prefer. If fresh flowers is the route you want to take, talk to your florist about what would work for your hair and what you already have ordered. Some brides like nothing, just a gorgeous hair style as is or a veil to complete their look! I like them all and love that everyone has their own wedding day hair style and look that works for them!

If you have had luck with a hair piece or accessory from somewhere other than the places I mentioned, please share below I would love to add this to my list.

Thank you to Deborah Zoe, Lindsay Hackney and Brea McDonald for these photos



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