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Meet these amazing ladies, Kristin and Danielle from Making Faces Weddings!  I work with a lot of makeup artist and these ladies are fun to work with, trendy, great eye for face shape and have so many makeup goodies that their brides love. If you are in need of a makeup artist in the New Hampshire area, please check them out!

I asked Kristin what sets them apart from other makeup artist? Why brides may hire them instead of using someone else? Why she uses the products she uses and she shares it all here!

To airbrush or not to airbrush??
This is THE question of the bridal makeup industry and we get asked many times here at making faces weddings, whether or not we “do airbrush” makeup. I sometimes get a feeling of regret when I read it and then it instantly vanishes. In the beginning when we started, we contemplated doing both. We were convinced we wouldn’t get the business if we didn’t offer it. Then a little voice in the back of my head kept saying “Stay authentic! Stay true to the brand you’re putting out. Don’t follow the crowd.” It was a gamble that we chose to take. We knew how beautiful our brides were looking and the longevity of the traditional application. We had done our research on the best products to use from primers, to foundations, to setting sprays. Over the years, we found a few people in the area who do airbrush and when brides request an airbrush makeup application, we have made sure we have wonderful recommendations we can give them. We also believe strongly, it is not our place to convince someone to go in a different direction. It’s their special day and we want them to have everything they’ve dreamed of- including their airbrush makeup application! With so many weddings here on the Seacoast and in New England, there is plenty of work to go around—the brides we are meant to have end up finding their way to us!
So, here is the WHY we choose not to use airbrush makeup- at this time . We are not saying we will never offer this, because there is a need for it in some situations. For all of the amazing reasons we SHOULD—we contemplated (and debated and raised our voices a little bit) 😉 and went with the latter. The time we had already put into working on our craft of traditional application; we would have to put that time into airbrush as well. So I started a deep dive into researching airbrush vs. traditional makeup application to find the pros and cons. Here are just a few of the many from our very long list that we debated!

* Airbrush application takes a fraction of the time traditional makeup application takes. Hmmmmm. Less time, more money.
This was on the top of our list, of course- this is a business. If we could cut the time in ½ at each wedding, we could probably fit two weddings in a day! Two weddings, two artists…that’s 4 weddings a day and a lot more money, right? Not to mention, pricing in our area was more expensive for airbrush makeup. Of course it is, but something just didn’t feel right about this to us. We spend so much time e-mailing and planning and organizing with our brides and their families; to rush through the big day wasn’t something we wanted to do. Each bride was our sole focus on her special day and there wasn’t anywhere else we needed to be. To this
day, we take one bride for each artist per day and make sure we have plenty of assistants for all of their needs.

* Airbrush makeup is waterproof and will stay all day and all night long.
Very true…. If you’re using Alcohol based. This is the ONLY form of makeup that is truly waterproof. This isn’t even the type of makeup used for bridal. This form of airbrush makeup is full coverage and typically used for special effects because it adheres to prosthetics and is used for HD television. If you think about it—HD television is made up of a million little pixels (the more pixels, the better the image) and when you spray foundation on your face, it’s in a million little droplets; so essentially it’s ideal for HD television, therefor looking flawless on camera. But, last we checked, your weddi ng is in person and also behind a lens — not on camera.
Two other forms of airbrushed foundation which are used for bridal: a. water based— although this sounds amazing and so good for your skin (we thought so), this type of airbrush foundation is equivalent to a tinted moisturizer, which probably isn’t what you want to wear on your wedding day. And before we would apply this, we would use traditional makeup to correct, highlight and contour. Seemed counter productive. b. Silicone based- this longevity is somewhere in between the Alcohol and Water based formulas. It has a little bit of a heavier coverage and the most popular. This is what would most likely be used for bridal makeup. Great staying power, good coverage, fast and flawless right? This is where the debate came in about the “look”.

What we found is that in order to stay true to our aesthetic, the traditional application looked the best. We found that all forms of airbrushed foundation looks a little flat because essentially it’s a light blanket of foundation laid across the whole face. This isn’t our aesthetic so we would then have to go back in with traditional makeup and build up the contours of the face. Counter productive for us.

*airbrush makeup looks better in photos

This was a tough one for us to chew. Our brides were looking gorgeous in photos. Every single one of the photographers we were working with admitted to gently re-touching photos for the bride and we even asked them “is there a lot of work in post from us?” The answer was always “no”. I even had a few photographers pleased to find out that we used traditional makeup application because airbrush foundation tends to enhance any texture on the skin. Whether it be from tiny hairs, or dryness. And no matter how w ell you take care of your skin leading up to your wedding — stress, celebrations every weekend and lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your skin.

After all of our research, we came to the conclusion that the traditional application of makeup was what we were going to focus on. And I’m so glad that we did! Makeup is an art and we are the artists. We work on our craft, work with different mediums, hone our skills and make sure we are up to date with the most modern twist on classic bridal beauty. We want you to look timeless in your photos, not like a trend.
Although airbrush makeup has its place in the bridal beauty industry and down the line we may contemplate it again, here at making faces weddings, we have our reasons why we choose the latter.

Fun Fact: These ladies worked on Jade Tolbert’s wedding , from the Bachelor 19, and Carly Wadell as well, So fun right!

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