Looking Good Does Help us Feel Better


I started with the Look Good Feel Better program about 5 years ago as a volunteer for the National Cancer Society. I helped my friend from joya with a portion of the class. I love helping others and making them feel pretty. Helping women during cancer treatment look at the journey with a little more color and light makes ME feel better.

I view this journey in my career and helping people feel good about themselves, a little more complete when I help people in need. We share stories about what to expect, how your skin will react and share tips and tricks about how to pretend you feel ok when you just want to sleep! Mind over matter sometimes works.

A dear friend of mine recently attended our program and I stole this insert from her blog that she has been working on. I share it not only because it is great to see and hear but I am honored that we made her feel this way.  I hope other attendees feel the same.

Prior to losing my hair I did attend a wonderful program at the Seacoast Cancer Center, “Look good, feel good.” The program is put on by The American Cancer Society, along with the National Cosmetology Association and the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, the program helps people with cancer to “Look Good” and “Feel Better”.  The program is fantastic, the stylish and cosmetologists who donate their time to the program are amazing.  They are truly making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, when at your darkest moments they have given you the inspiration to look good and feel good as you battle cancer.  The program gave me hope, that even when I was feeling my worst I could still feel good about myself.  I had an amazing team who helped me learn a few tricks, and if you know me makeup is not something I would use daily, but to be able to add some lip gloss, and touch up my eyebrows, yes those and my eye lashes were gone, made just the difference when I was getting ready for the day.  The simplest of things made me feel beautiful when I was going through chemo.  I also received my first wig that day, I wasn’t sure what to think but the stylist there was great, she set me up with a wig and gave it some flair.  I did not wear it often, I embraced being bald and wanted to inspire others that bald is indeed beautiful and it is part of the journey. (jess Moore)

If you know some that is in cancer treatment, please have them contact their local hospital for information on the look good feel better program or check out this site for active programs:

Lena Hartford
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