An Inside Look at The Hair that Moves Bride

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I recently shared with you some more about me, and my life. I also thought it would be interesting to see who the people are that I work with.

I find working with over 40 brides a year, I am introduced to so many people. Everyone different than the next.  Some Ivy league grads, some locals to the area! Almost all with deep family roots, loved  their family vacation spots and a group of great friends. I always love to hear how couples chose their wedding location. I find about 75% of the time there is a childhood love for the location! Family vacations, family homes, childhood camps, annual trips, college.. the list goes on! I love them all!


Friends that they will have forever, lover of their jobs, and some with great passion to help others.

Some that will save every penny to travel, some that have already traveled the world!

Lovers of good food( maybe even Foodies), great beer (micro brewed, not domestic), good coffee (often Starbucks not Dunks) and of course great company.

They have a great social life! Hair that Moves brides have deep love for their friends, childhood and college alike.

They love their nice clothes but love their go to -Lulu Lemons when they are running, at cross fit or doing yoga.

I do have brides that are just happy doing what they can, everyday to get through to the next! Hey, that is an achievement right there!


Not only the brides, but everyone in their wedding party! I will be honest, it is one my favorite parts of a wedding.  I love talking to people and learning about their connection the bride! Everyone has such an interesting story. My job can be so fun! How all these people of different shapes, sizes, color and walks of life have come together on this one day to celebrate these loved ones!

the hair that moves bride

I have found that most of them have similarities. I thought It would be interesting to really look at and see who is the Hair that Moves Bride? Of course this is not all, and does not have to be the case, but most often is! Did I miss something? tell me


I recently did a little post about my and my favorite things to see if there was a direct correlation and guess what? well you will have to go check it out here!

Lena Hartford
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