When To Hire Your Wedding Vendors

When to hire your wedding vendors- great topic!

Kind of fun Wedding Wire sent me this little tid bit of info. After some pleading, they changed this to read the correct information. If you are hiring on onsite wedding hair or makeup specialist for your wedding. NOTE: hire them as soon as possible- 16-12 months before the event. This will allow you to get vendors that you want. If you wait- they will be booked.I am always getting emails from people that really just dont know they should have contacted me months ago and now they are really stuck with out good options or any options at all.

Hair that moves is currently booking 14-12 months out for weddings. Brides contact me thinking that they have plenty of time and little do they know that their wedding date is the most popular date of the season. It is never too early to contact vendors. Do your homework early and hire people as soon as you can. I am happy to give recommendations for other stylist that I love if I am already booked but I wish I could help everyone.

Please do your homework, have trials, use referrals, ask other vendors, hire good vendors and hire them early!


Check out Wedding Wire if you have not already!

Lena Hartford
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