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Hair that moves, Leah Haydock Chatham Bars InnYou are getting married and need to hire someone to do your hair for you and your wedding party? You want to have someone that is used to coming on location to make it easier for you on your wedding day? How do you choose that person? so many things to take into consideration.0264 - Kennebunkport ME St Anns Church Wedding - Leah Haydock Photography

My friend Leah haydock wrote this sweet spotlight about me and my services.

Hairstylist are not created equal. Hair stylist are trained for salon services, not wedding or special events. It is a specialty. To know to ins and out of trends, how to make these hair styles last 10 hours, how to help plan for the wedding day schedule, ect is a specialty. You will find that most “regular” meaning your hair stylist that cuts and colors your hair does not ” like or do” weddings. That is more than ok! Everyone has their thing! I often hear that these stylist want to come and help as a commitment to their client but it is not something the like. So ask, maybe they would like to help but really don’t want to. They may be relieved to here that you are hiring a wedding specialist.

If you are shopping for a wedding hair stylist, do it early and always have a trial if you are unsure. On site wedding hair stylist are booking 12 months in advance. Get reviews from other brides to see how their experience has been.

Just like everything else, this is the part of your wedding day that sets the tone for the day. It should be efficient but relaxing and fun for you!

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