Fun fall Makeover

Such a fun thing to do in the fall, or any season! Sprucing  someones look up is so much fun for me to do and fresh beginnings for the person having the transformation.

My friend, who is a business owner and feeling like she needed a pick me up, decided she would let me photograph her process. A busy lady, mom of 4 BOYS is not someone that does her hair or wears makeup! So today we transformed her and taught her how to do this everyday.

Here is her before photo, which she hates, but her all natural!

10743578_895993403745005_196338207_nShe talked about wanting to blend away the few gray hair she keeps seeing in the mirror and being nervous about maintenance. We decided to do some natural highlights, which will help with both of the concerns.

FullSizeRenderThe haircut~

“the lob” which i have mentioned in Face book posts is the most popular hair cut right now~ So we went with that and added a long bang. This allows her the option to still pull it up off her face and still have a new look.

The polishes look

shaping your eye brows and creating shape around your eyes is important.We shaped her eyebrows and anxiously awaited the final style!~

While I applied her makeup, I talked about the products she could use and how she would apply them, in terms she understood. All things she could do everyday to make her look  “polished”

10743437_895993653744980_1680659080_nShe looks so fresh and bright! What do you think?  you too could have a fresh new look!


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