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  How to Get the Most Out Of Your Bridal Hair Trial Appointment I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge with other professionals and brides so that they can have a fool proof bridal hair trial. Sometimes brides have their ideal style in mind and they hope that it is easy to achieve. That is not always the case. Sometime brides really don’t know what they want and maybe have 3 or 4 different styles in mind. How do you get to an ultimate style with all of this

This wedding was an honor to be a part of. This couple, with strong roots in the community, planned an engagement party turned wedding!The chose The Flag Hill Winery for their location! That’s right, a surprise wedding. Only the immediate family knew about the plan. The guests were shocked. I loved the idea, planned long enough- just get married! And so they did! There were no trials for this bride. I showed up the day of the wedding and created this hairs style. Something that she had seen on my

Jillian had the best day for her wedding, the sun was out, the grass was green and her flowers were amazing.   Leah captured this day, well in her amazing fashion, Capturing the details on this day. Even down to the breakfast and champagne bars while we got the girls ready was perfect. Jillian really wanted a regal, classic hair style, we are created volume and interest to create it! She looked amazing. her bridal party all chose the best style for the them! the other amazing vendors involved with

So all the guests thought they were coming to an engagement party, but when they arrives, surprise the couple was really getting married! This wedding was dear to my heart as the bride shares the story of the importance of the reason they chose this wedding day. The groom, whom I knew of growing up near by, lost his brother and wanted to honor him  on this day. I too lost my brother and we made some connections about loss in the few short hours we were together. This couple

My second winter wedding of the year was a small group of friends that we so happy to be a part of Melissa’s dream wedding   These girls went for the natural look, which I love with their furs. Melissa wore a stunning jeweled head band that added just enough sparkle to her champagne dress! I am not sure if you can tell but it was one of the coldest days of the winter. BBBRRRRR! check out cuppas full blog here! or her facebook post here! The vendor dream team:

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