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I am always so excited when I get to see my work featured in a national wedding magazine, and of course all of the other amazing vendors involved in this big event. This event was really dreamed up by the bride, who is amazing. She is such a special person and recently became a fellow resident in a Seattle hospital. I was honored to help her sister with her wedding hair this fall! Michelle has a beautiful head of blonde thick hair, which was perfect for her requested textured, braided

It is always so much fun to collaborate with some of wedding friends/vendors which I call “freindors”. Judy From Flora Fauna created this shoot and such a large group of amazing creatives made it come to life. I had do much fun creating her vision with hair and makeup on this couple. The winter weather was very cold and windy and they make it look warm and comfortable. It was soooo cold! We were creating a gorgeous Winter wedding scene in  a stunning Maine venue. I wanted to show simple

Being a female business owner and changing with what the world is offering can be a challenge. Starting or redirecting a business can be tricky and asking professionals to help would be key .People want to see you, who are you? The best way to do that is with a photo.  Most photographers would recommend needing hair and makeup for these photos. This is not the going out on the town look, but the best versions of my working self look! Everyone looks polished with some air brush makeup and

It was such an honor to collaborate with a group of photographers as they embarked on a a little class on a cold blustery morning. I helped create this vintage, old but interesting hair style for this shoot. It was great fun! You may even notice this model from another shoot I helped with! check out the gorgeous photos on the style me pretty feature!

Being a brides maid in a wedding can be a big job. I often see bridal aprties that have the whole wedding day thing down to a science. Then I see the parties that really have no clue and stress the bride out with 1000 questions. I only notice this becuase the bride is then stressed out and it creates our time schedule to get pushed back. While the bride puts out fires and answers her phone about how to find the hotel, or which tie to wear ect! I

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