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When to hire your wedding vendors- great topic! Kind of fun Wedding Wire sent me this little tid bit of info. After some pleading, they changed this to read the correct information. If you are hiring on onsite wedding hair or makeup specialist for your wedding. NOTE: hire them as soon as possible- 16-12 months before the event. This will allow you to get vendors that you want. If you wait- they will be booked.I am always getting emails from people that really just dont know they should have contacted

This seems to be such a common problem when I meet with brides. They have purchased there perfect wedding gown, but they just don’t know where to buy a hair accessory. After 3 brides in the same weekend told me they were having the same problem, I realized I should do some digging and write about it. I see lots of hair accessories of all shapes and level of sparkle and hear stories about where people find them, but I am not sure they are ever from the same place.

  You are getting married and need to hire someone to do your hair for you and your wedding party? You want to have someone that is used to coming on location to make it easier for you on your wedding day? How do you choose that person? so many things to take into consideration. My friend Leah haydock wrote this sweet spotlight about me and my services. Hairstylist are not created equal. Hair stylist are trained for salon services, not wedding or special events. It is a specialty. To

I recently shared with you some more about me, and my life. I also thought it would be interesting to see who the people are that I work with. I find working with over 40 brides a year, I am introduced to so many people. Everyone different than the next.  Some Ivy league grads, some locals to the area! Almost all with deep family roots, loved  their family vacation spots and a group of great friends. I always love to hear how couples chose their wedding location. I find about

How to add a touch of copper to your wedding! My friend and amazing photographer Deborah Zoe photo contacted me about helping with a creative photo shoot. I was so excited! I love to be in involved with fun creative work like this in the off months where wedding are not so busy. I get create magic on stunning models and work with a  group of like minded wedding vendors! It is really fun. The theme of this shoot was romantic and soft in a cool industrial modern space, with

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