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Working in the beauty industry, I found myself realizing I needed more, I wanted to give back. About 6 years ago I was introduced to the Look Good Feel Better Program. Such an amazing program. One that helps women during cancer treatment with  skin and nail care, makeup tips, some ideas on scarf tying and wig care.Something that any women  could use help with never mind someone that is having medical treatment that totally alters their appearance. Sometimes underestimated and very hard for some! I help to run this program

I work really  hard to make your wedding day about you! You are the bride and this is about you and your family! I Am starting to realize that no one really knows about me. I don’t always share about me. I thought my blog would be a better place to share this! So if you are curious about who I am, here it is! Hi there, I am a hair stylist with more than 19 years’ experience and I love working with brides to create beautiful, unique and long

I started with the Look Good Feel Better program about 5 years ago as a volunteer for the National Cancer Society. I helped my friend from joya with a portion of the class. I love helping others and making them feel pretty. Helping women during cancer treatment look at the journey with a little more color and light makes ME feel better. I view this journey in my career and helping people feel good about themselves, a little more complete when I help people in need. We share stories about

Such a fun thing to do in the fall, or any season! Sprucing  someones look up is so much fun for me to do and fresh beginnings for the person having the transformation. My friend, who is a business owner and feeling like she needed a pick me up, decided she would let me photograph her process. A busy lady, mom of 4 BOYS is not someone that does her hair or wears makeup! So today we transformed her and taught her how to do this everyday. Here is her