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Destination wedding hair stylist

My job is so much fun! I am asked to come in and created some fun hair styles, co-in siding with a bunch of other creatives ideas and I just sit back and watch magic happen. I am really honored and humbled that my work days of complete fun are featured on national blogs such as Style Me Pretty!!! I am really honored to be working along side such great supportive, creative in this wedding industry. When I am asked to do these wedding themed shoots, that involve creating, trending

One of my favorite parts of working in the wedding industry is working with like minded vendors that love to create and make beautiful thing.  In my case pretty hair styles, and different for everyone’s craft. I was asked to be a part of this stylized shoot and the theme- mermaid, ocean side, yes please!!! So I created this textured braided look that reminded me of a mermaid. I never really know how the whole thing will come together until I see the images and it happens… MAGIC! I just

I had such a fun time with this group of ladies. I was referred to the bride by another wedding vendor! Melissa and her bridal party were the best! I ended up knowing her sister in law from our college days. A large group of ladies to get ready was made possible by a second stylist. Have a large wedding party? you should find out how much time you have and or want to get ready and figure out if having two stylist makes it easier for you. Since these

So fun to be able to help the GROOM or DAD with his beauty needs on the big day! Sometimes brides realize someone may need a trim or a beard or eye brow clean up! this summer one of brides wanted me to style the grooms hair as she feared what is hair would look like!!!! Sometimes people joke that “is their turn yet?” and then I realize that they are serious and want a little attention in my chair! It is great and I am happy to help who

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