Paige and Jason are such an amazing couple. I had a such a fun time with Paige and her friends. She hired me after getting reviews from her friends, Heather and Matt whos wedding I had a done just 2 years ago. I love that Paige asked for a simple, yet elegant side fishtail braid. (secrets be told) this is really only possible if you have long hair, not very many layers and thick full hair. Paige did not so we had to add a little to make this work.

When to hire your wedding vendors- great topic! Kind of fun Wedding Wire sent me this little tid bit of info. After some pleading, they changed this to read the correct information. If you are hiring on onsite wedding hair or makeup specialist for your wedding. NOTE: hire them as soon as possible- 16-12 months before the event. This will allow you to get vendors that you want. If you wait- they will be booked.I am always getting emails from people that really just dont know they should have contacted

I have lots of knowledge to share, so why not share it when someone reaches  out. I have been featured on New Hampshire Holmes- check out the little write up here:

Meet these amazing ladies, Kristin and Danielle from Making Faces Weddings!  I work with a lot of makeup artist and these ladies are fun to work with, trendy, great eye for face shape and have so many makeup goodies that their brides love. If you are in need of a makeup artist in the New Hampshire area, please check them out! I asked Kristin what sets them apart from other makeup artist? Why brides may hire them instead of using someone else? Why she uses the products she uses and

This seems to be such a common problem when I meet with brides. They have purchased there perfect wedding gown, but they just don’t know where to buy a hair accessory. After 3 brides in the same weekend told me they were having the same problem, I realized I should do some digging and write about it. I see lots of hair accessories of all shapes and level of sparkle and hear stories about where people find them, but I am not sure they are ever from the same place.

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