My job is so much fun! I am asked to come in and created some fun hair style, co-in siding with a bunch of other creatives ideas and I just sit back and watch magic happen. I am really honored and humbled that my work days of complete fun are featured on national blogs such as Style Me Pretty!!! I am really honored to be working along side such great supportive, creative in this wedding industry. Take a look through these image by Lindsay Hackney, bride turned friend, that she

Working in the beauty industry, I found myself realizing I needed more, I wanted to give back. About 6 years ago I was introduced to the Look Good Feel Better Program. Such an amazing program. One that helps women during cancer treatment with  skin and nail care, makeup tips, some ideas on scarf tying and wig care.Something that any women  could use help with never mind someone that is having medical treatment that totally alters their appearance. Sometimes underestimated and very hard for some! I help to run this program

I was honored to participate in this gorgeous shoot. some amazing vendors came together to make this vision come to light! I really enjoy this part of weddings, it really is spectacular. From a hair stance, the creators wanted a Mermaid like, waters edge look. I was so excited to create that, You will see on shoots- it is fun to have more than one look. So as I create, I make that it can be transformed easily. I started by curling her long, blonde hair with a rod and

  How to Get the Most Out Of Your Bridal Hair Trial Appointment I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge with other professionals and brides so that they can have a fool proof bridal hair trial. Sometimes brides have their ideal style in mind and they hope that it is easy to achieve. That is not always the case. Sometime brides really don’t know what they want and maybe have 3 or 4 different styles in mind. How do you get to an ultimate style with all of this

  You are getting married and need to hire someone to do your hair for you and your wedding party? You want to have someone that is used to coming on location to make it easier for you on your wedding day? How do you choose that person? so many things to take into consideration. My friend Leah haydock wrote this sweet spotlight about me and my services. Hairstylist are not created equal. Hair stylist are trained for salon services, not wedding or special events. It is a specialty. To

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